Transforming Ethiopia's Digital Economy

What de do

Transforming Digital Economy

Ecosystem Support

Working closely with all the stakeholders, DTEA, brings and connecting digital industry players nationwide.

Industry Networking

Creating networking environment  where digital leaders and cutting edge startups and tech innovators meet.

Policy & Advocacy

Policy & Advocacy

DTEA ushers a smooth transformation by dealing with regulators, policy makers and the other ecosystem players.



DTEA conducts surveys, researches  and data gatherings in order to better understand the market 

From The Industry, To The Industry.

As an association, DTEA, serves as a network and voice for the Digital Economy and entrepreneur around Ethiopia, who are creating the future of marketing and digital experiences.

We are the eyes, the ears and the voice for Ethiopia’s digital media industry players. United together for the vision of transforming Ethiopia’s digital Economy to the next level.


Our engagement with the Digital Economy

Awareness Creation

Our Awareness creation project stives to create an equal digital opportunity and digital dived among citizens

Digital Skill

Our ‘Vision 2030 Youth Digital Skill UP’ training will equip & impact of young students with the necessary digital knowledge 

Capacity Developmet

One of our year long project is to build our members digital capacity and stackeholders digital capacity. 

Regulation & Policy

We actively participate in the preparation, proclamation and amendments of digital rules, policies and regulations

Award & Recognition

DTEA organizes annual ‘Digital Ethiopia’ award where we recognize and encourages digital breakthroughs.

Rural Connectivity

By partnering with Global service providers, we aim to expand the rural connectivity and content provision. 

Member zone

Our membership

A network of strong partnership across Ethiopia’s digital industry.

Our 60+ corporate members are among the Ethiopia’s top leaders in digital innovation, as well as in the production and use of digital technologies.

Be Part of DTEA

Be Part of DTEA

Partnership Inquires

Partnership Inquires

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