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Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program (Ethiopia)

Powered by Alibaba Global Initiatives (AGI) 

The Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program offers entrepreneurs and business owners an opportunity to learn and explore how to harness digital technology to grow their businesses and the local economy. Led by business leaders from across Alibaba and China, the course will delve into the latest trends and practices shaping China’s digital economy, and discuss approaches and frameworks for building a successful and innovative business in today’s digital world.

During a 4-week online masterclass, participants will deepen their knowledge and understanding of:


The development of the digital economy in China and the most cutting-edge trends and practices in use within the growing digital economy in China.


Mindset and knowledge from traditional businesses from a wide range of industries who recently went through digital transformation in China.


Key insights into the evolution of Alibaba’s ecosystem including learnings, best practices and fundamentals of the role of new technology and the digital economy in enabling business growth.


Business frameworks and strategy, strengthening their organization’s capacity to drive innovation and achieve greater results. 

Agenda  – October & November 2022 

October 91011    12131415
  Opening & Orientation(Live) AGI Module #1Digital Economy China Story (Live)  
October 16171819202122
  AGI Module #2Alibaba Digital Ecosystem (Live) AGI Module #3Mission, Vision & Values (Live)  
October 23242526272829
  AGI Module #4 Strategy (Live) AGI Module #5 Organization & People (Live)  
October 3031November 12345
November 6789101112
    Closing & Graduation(Live)  


All application information will go through a process of enrollment assessment. Please wait for admission results for the program, which AGI team would keep you updated if decided.

An online certificate will be awarded by Alibaba Global Initiatives to the participants who successfully complete the online course. Please check out our program’s FAQs for more details and information.

You can contact us at suxi.fc@alibaba-inc.com to learn more about the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program.


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